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Provide comprehensive adhesive bra lines with 200+ designs for wholesale and customize innovative designs for your needs. Perfect for retailers and brand owners to elevate their stores with lingerie solutions.

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Hot Sales and Patented Designs for Wholesale

Push Up Silicone Bra

Various styles and reusable ahesive bras on the market are available to wholesale, from nude-color silicone bras to padded adhesive bras with smooth edges.

Fabric Adhesive Bra

Explore a wide range of strapless bras and backless bra that are popular among consumers for your lingerie business, such as push-ups, plunges, and plus sizes.

Nipple Cover & Boob Tape

Available in multiple colors and sizes, We provide uplifting appeal and reusable, promising a seamless fit and lift up for your clientele’s diverse needs.

Costume Nipple Sticker

Provide skin-friendly and eye-catching design in bulk with factory price. Stimulate your business versatility by offering flamboyant patterns & enticing tassels.



Customize Nipple Pasties & Adhesive Bra in Details

Explore Xinke’s innovations for tailor-made adhesive bra solutions and enhance your underwear line exquisitely.

adhesive bra size chart

Adhesive Bra Size Chart

Catering to all consumer needs and ensuring a perfect fit for everyone, Xinke offers a wide range of bra cups from A to D. And if you prefer making a business in a niche of a specific size, Xinke can also tailor for your business, ranging from petite to plus size for large breasts.

Matching with sizes, we design adhesive bra and nipple cover in various shapes, such as petals, round, mango shape, and other contours.

various colors and material of adhesive bra

Color & Materials

Sourced from a well-known supplier on the market, materials are tailored to your specific preferences, including skin-friendly wacker silicone, cotton, TPU, and so on.

A colorful array of adhesive bras, ranging from vibrant hues to subtle for adhesive bras and more natural tones for silicone bras Xinke can provide samples or design plans to meet your business needs.

multiple sickness of adhesive bra


Whether you prefer a thick one to enhance size and support or a thin one for a light-weight experience, Xinke excels at crafting bras with your desired thickness, ensuring comfort and a perfect fit. Our creations are anything but ordinary, ranging from the extra-thick to the ultra-thin.

adhesive bra package design

Package Design

With advanced machinery and a wide network of suppliers, Xinke empowers you to package adhesive bras with complimentary, bespoke package designs with multiple options, amplifying your brand’s identity, starting from just 500 pieces.

Why Choose Xinke Silicone Bra

Blending innovative designs and advanced technology, Xinke can offer wholesale and customized solution with free package design. Invest in Xinke for an increase in customer satisfaction and to enhance your brand’s reputation.    

Lift Up & Push Up

Multi-functional designs for beauty and wear needs, including cup enhancement, strapless solutions, and push-up functions.

Reusable icon


Under proper washing and storage, adhesive bras and nipple covers can be reused many times.

Comfortable icon

Comfortable & Hypollergenic

Made of safe 100% silicone. Silicone is soft, elastic, and fits better like a second skin, ensuring a skin-friendly wearing experience.

Waterproof icon


The adhesive is long lasting, does not easily slip off for over 12 hours, even in sweaty conditions.

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Don’t miss out! Request e-catalog, exclusive design assistance, free sample and package design today. Enhance your business easily with Xinke!

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    Tailored Solutions to Meet Business Sastisfaction

    For Wholesaler

    ● Continuous Styles Update
    ● Instock Delivery within 2-5 days
    ● Large Volume with Discount

    For Store & Brand Owner

    ● Innovative Product Development
    ● Eye-cathcing Package Design & Label
    ● Patent Assistance in One Stop

    For E-commerce Seller

    ● FBA Shipping Arrangement
    ● UPC Code for Smooth Sales
    ● Promotional products & model pictures

    With years of experience, Xinke has come up with solutions and complementary support to meet your business needs. When you choose Xinke, you can source adhesive bra, nipple cover, shapwear and accessories effortlessly.

    Why Choose Xinke

    The professional, focused, and responsible one to create maximum value for your business.

    Never settle on just being an ordinary invisible bra and shapewear supplier for the market; Xinke treats you as our business partner with integrity and win-win cooperation, bringing premium innovation that consumers like and all-in-one marketing services to make your business grow hassle-free.

    Comprehesive & Trendy Selection

    You can get all your business needs without multiple sources of invisible shapewear, ranging from adhesive bras to push-up pants, with regular releases of 2-3 new arrivals in a week.

    Patented OEM/ODM Capabilities

    Keeping innovation in the invisible bra industry, Xinke’s experienced designers proudly present over 49 EU and US patents and customization
    capabilities for your business.

    Safe Quality Guarantee

    Guaranteed comfortable and long-lasting performance with raw materials and stringent quality control. Meticulously crafted from certified silicone, Taiwan TPU film, and Germany Wacker adhesives.

    7-10 Days Fast Bulk Production

    With 10 advanced machine lines and 200+ experienced employees, Xinke is able to provide samples within 24 hours and bulk production on time for your business schedule.

    Standardized Manufacturing Processes

    With efficient machines and craftsmanship, from adhesive fixation to bra packaging, it allows for bulk order production within 7–10 days.

    Forming Silicone Bra Bags

    With the procurement of premium-quality material, bags will be crafted through the process of thermoforming. This results in a secure framework for the silicone to take form.

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    Injecting Silicone

    A predetermined quantity of top-notch silicone is meticulously injected into the pre-formed bags. This is carried out with utmost precision to ensure a seamless and natural feel for our bras.

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    Sealing Bags

    The edges of the silicone-filled bags are sealed securely to avoid any leakage or displacement of the silicone, adhering to rigorous quality control measures.

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    Forming Bras

    The sealing process involves shaping the bras. A skilled workforce ensures the formation of desirable, varied shapes and sizes, giving a perfect blend of comfort and style.

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    Trimming the edge

    The excess and unwanted materials at the edges are carefully removed to provide a neat and clean finish, enhancing the comfort and aesthetic appeal of the bras.

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    Sealing Buckles

    The process is charged to ensure a secure closure, which grants customers a perfect fit and optimal comfort to wear the bra all through the day.

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    Cleaning the Surface

    Every single piece of bra undergoes a thorough cleaning and sterilization process to ensure it is hygienic, safe, and ready to wear.

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    Brushing Glue on the sticky bra

    Brushing Glue

    The adhesive brushing is performed evenly and precisely over the bra inner surface to furnish a natural and seamless look, reducing any visible lines under the clothing.

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    Baking & Fixing Adhesive

    This heating process ensures the glue adheres to the surface adequately and cures it. It ensures the glue is long-lasting and the bras stand the test of time.

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    Covering a Protective Flim

    A protective film is meticulously placed on each bra to preserve its shape and form. This cover acts as a protective shield against any external physical damage.

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    Quality Control

    Every single invisible bra then goes through a stringent inspection stage, ensuring it aligns with our stringent quality standards.

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    Packaging and Sealing

    The finished bras are neatly packaged into exclusive boxes with your brand logo, ensuring their safety during transportation.

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    Visibility in Various Exhibitions

    Traverses numerous international trade exhibitions to meet new friends and display our innovative invisibility worldwide.

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