Disposable Nipple Cover

Disposable Nipple Cover Supplier

Xinke, as a leading and innovative brand in the invisble bra manufacturing market, revolutionized the market with a convenient, lightweight, and ultra-thin disposable nipple patch and boob tape design. Offer your customers advanced comfort in countless colors and shapes. Elevate your business with Xinke to meet customers’ needs and preferences.

Why Choose Xinke Disposable Nipple Cover

As a reputable and internationally trusted brand, we offer competitive product benefits and wholesale prices, ensuring your business retains impressive profit margins.


It is made of a safe adhesive that has passed through MSDS and CA65 without containing hazardous materials.

Easy to Use

It is suitable for all body sizes and is easy to apply and remove. Plus, there’s no need for cleaning or maintenance.

Comfortable icon


With its ultra-thin layer, it is lightweight and breathable, ensuring a skin-friendly wearing experience.

Waterproof icon


The adhesive is strong and long-lasting, does not easily slip off, even in sweaty conditions, and can be washed.

Customize Disposable Nipple Cover

Merging advanced techniques with your vivid ideas, Xinke ensures high-level disposable nipple covers to achieve perfect personalized products, customizing designs according to your business needs to enhance your brand value.

Efficient Manufacturing for Disposable Nipple Cover

From material selection to package design, each disposable nipple cover can be manufactured to your satisfaction, ensuring on-time delivery.

Cutting Patterns

Precision at this stage guarantees the perfect shape and size for our disposable nipple covers.

Applying Safe Adhesives

Draping the covers with skin-friendly adhesives for secure but effortless removal.

Attaching Protective Cover

A protective, easy-to-remove cover is attached to the adhesive side of the nipple covers, which can prevent premature sticking and contamination.

Rigorous Quality Control

Conducting thorough testing for durability, wearability, and adherence, ensuring complete customer satisfaction

Packaging & Labeling

Delivering exquisite nipple covers in sustainable, discreet packaging that embodies the intimacy of the product and your brand identity.

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