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Adhesive Bra Wholesale

As a adhesive bra manufacturer,  we specialize in creative designs like the plus-size self-sticky bra, lift-up plunge stick bra, and so on. Perfect for daily wear or special events like weddings or galas. Ensure your customers experience superior comfort without showing bra straps. Stay ahead in the lingerie business with Xinke’s patented design and premium quality.

Types of Adhesive Bra Xinke Supplies

Silicone bra

Experience reliable support and a second-skin feel with our premium-quality silicone bra, enhancing curves effortlessly.

Fabric adhesive bra

Stay ahead of trends with our breathable, adaptable design, offering reliable support for business-minded comfort seekers.

Popular Adhesive Bra Designs

Various styles and hot-selling reusable ahesive bras on the market are available to wholesale, from nude-color silicone bras to fabric adhesive bras with smooth edges.

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Customize Adhesive Bra in Details

Explore Xinke’s innovations for tailor-made adhesive bra solutions and enhance your underwear line exquisitely.

adhesive bra size chart

Adhesive Bra Size Chart

Catering to all consumer needs and ensuring a perfect fit for everyone, Xinke offers a wide range of bra cups from A to D. And if you prefer making a business in a niche of a specific size, Xinke can also tailor for your business, ranging from petite to plus size for large breasts.

Matching with sizes, we design adhesive bra and nipple cover in various shapes, such as petals, round, mango shape, and other contours.

various colors and material of adhesive bra

Color & Materials

Sourced from a well-known supplier on the market, materials are tailored to your specific preferences, including skin-friendly wacker silicone, cotton, TPU, and so on.

A colorful array of adhesive bras, ranging from vibrant hues to subtle for adhesive bras and more natural tones for silicone bras Xinke can provide samples or design plans to meet your business needs.

multiple sickness of adhesive bra


Whether you prefer a thick one to enhance size and support or a thin one for a light-weight experience, Xinke excels at crafting bras with your desired thickness, ensuring comfort and a perfect fit. Our creations are anything but ordinary, ranging from the extra-thick to the ultra-thin.

adhesive bra package design

Package Design

With advanced machinery and a wide network of suppliers, Xinke empowers you to package adhesive bras with complimentary, bespoke package designs with multiple options, amplifying your brand’s identity, starting from just 500 pieces.

Wholesale / Bespoke Adhesive Bra for Your Business

OEM Adhesive Bra

With Xinke’s OEM service, you can customize adhesive bra with your own branding. From various design solutions to packaging customization, we can help bring your brand vision to life. Contact us to explore how our service can help you launch a standout product under your brand name.

ODM Adhesive Bra

Simply share your concept with us, and our expert team is dedicated to helping you to design adhesive bras that matches your brand’s image. From customized color, size, shape, material, packaging, to thickness, we are committed to delivering a product that meets your specific requirements.

What Adhesive Is Used on Sticky Bras?

The adhesive used on sticky bras is typically a medical-grade or skin-safe adhesive, such as silicone or acrylic adhesive. These adhesives are designed to stick securely to the skin without causing irritation or discomfort.

Xinke use top-notch Wacker adhesive to manufacture adhesive bra. It is a medical-grade silicone adhesive that is commonly used in sticky bras. This adhesive is known for its softness, flexibility, and skin-friendly properties, making it ideal for use in intimate apparel like sticky bras. These silicone gels adhere securely to the skin while remaining comfortable and non-irritating, providing a reliable and discreet solution for braless support.

the layers of xinke silicone nipple cover

Choose Stick on Bras for Different Clothes Applications

When it comes to selecting the right undergarment for different outfits, stick on bras are a versatile and practical option.

Strapless Tops


Stick on bras are a practical option for tops, offering support and coverage without the need for traditional straps. Whether you’re wearing off-the-shoulder or backless tops, a stick on bra for various tops provides the perfect solution for a seamless look.



For swimwear, a stick on bra is a great choice for a seamless look by providing support and coverage without the hassle of traditional straps shifting. Whether you’re hitting the beach or lounging by the pool, you can chooes a stick on bra for swim suit.

a lady wearing spaghetti strap dress


When it comes to dresses, a stick on bra is a must-have for achieving a smooth silhouette. With different styles, such as strapless, backless dress or deep v dress, a stick on bra offers lift and support while remaining invisible under your dress.

Wedding Attire

Wedding Attire

When it comes to wedding attire, a stick on bra is the perfect option for providing support and coverage for a strapless or backless gown. The stick on bra for wedding dress offers the ideal fit to help you feel secure and confident on your special day.

FAQ about Adhesive Bra Wholesale

Are there different styles of adhesive bras?

Yes, there are two styles with different features available to suit different outfits for your clients’ preferences.
Silicone adhesive bra: Tend to offer fuller coverage and come in various shapes, including push-up, plunge, and strapless styles. They can enhance cleavage and provide a lift. Their self-adhesive feature ensures reliable, secure support while remaining virtually invisible underl clothing. Popular for being skin-like, reusable, supportive best for adhesive bra for saggy breasts and large breasts.

Cloth adhesive bra: Made of fabric or cloth. The adhesive is applied to the inner side of the cups, often in the form of medical-grade adhesive tapes or wings. Provide moderate coverage and natural look without adding extra volume. Known for being lightweight and breathable.

How to clean and care for adhesive bras?

The correct care of adhesive bras is essential in maintaining its effectiveness and longevity. Here’s the best tips to clean and care for an adhesive bra:

Hand wash: Gently hand wash the bra with mild soap and water to devoid of any harsh chemicals that might harm your bra’s adhesive.

Air dry: Allow the bra to air dry naturally to maintain its stickiness instead of using a harsh machine dryer.

Cover film: Once dry, cover it with the supplied plastic film. This protective layer acts as a shield against dust and lint.

Avoid: Do not use any harsh chemicals, perfumes or lotions as it can damage the reusable adhesive.

How to properly wear an adhesive bra?

Wearing an adhesive bra is relatively simple, but it does require a bit of preparation.

Firstly, cleanliness is paramount, and therefore, you need to ensure that your chest area is absolutely clean and dry. This implies that there should not be any remnants of oils, lotions or sweat on your skin. These substances can affect the adhesion process and make the bra less effective.

After ensuring a clean canvas, next is the placement of the bra. Position the sticky part of the adhesive bra on your breasts in accordance with where you need the most support. Be careful not to rush this process, as initial positioning can determine the level of comfort and support subsequently.

Press it gently yet firmly onto your skin so that it adheres properly. Do not worry if you do not get it right the first time. With adhesive bras, adjustments can be made post-application. Therefore, if you feel any sort of discomfort or improper placement, feel free to adjust the bra until it sits comfortably on your skin. It’s all about personal comfort and getting the right fit.

What materials should i consider when source from adhesive supplier?

Investing in top-grade materials can minimizes the risk of skin irritation and long lasting adhesive, ensuring optimal wearer comfort and making it more appealing to the end-user.

Wacker adhesive exceeds expectations, guaranteeing a secure yet comfortable fit, maintaining its adhesive quality through extended wear and multiple uses.

The Silicone provides a natural feel, mimicking the touch of human skin, enhancing your comfort and ensuring perfect fit. Its hypoallergenic properties render it safe for all types of skin.

TPU is incorporated for its resilience, elasticity and resistance to oils, grease and abrasion, enhancing the bra’s longevity. The blend of these materials results in premium quality adhesive bras that are safe, comfortable, and enduring, making us your top choice for remarkable support and discreet elegance.

Which outfits are adhesive bras best suited for?

The adhesive bra has been rapidly growing in the past few years. This trend is partly driven by the fashion industry’s demand for more off-shoulder and low back outfits and an emphasis on appearance. In cases where off-shoulder, low-back or fitted clothes need to be worn, the invisible bra has become an important choice. Adhesive bras work best for outfits where traditional bras would be visible. What’s more, it is also a great choice for various occassions, such as adhesive bra for wedding dress and waterproof adhesive bra for swimming.

Backless Designs: Backless dress designs are becoming increasingly popular, especially for occasions like wedding ceremonies.To complement such outfits, an adhesive bra for a wedding dress is ideal.

Low-Cut Pieces: Adhesive bras provide the necessary coverage and robust support while promoting a seamless look. Therefore, an excellent option for low-cut top or dress.

Strapless Styles: Strapless top and dress has always been popular for their minimalist appeal and showing the neckline and shoulder. Key to adhesive bra charm is its ability to stay firmly put without the need for shoulder straps. Ensures your overall look stays in place, so you can enjoy the event without wardrobe worries.

Sheer Tops: An adhesive bra is also a brilliant choice for sheer tops. Due to their skin-like appearance and color, they are less visible contrasting the sheer allure of the top. These bras provide the wearer with an added level of confidence by ensuring secure coverage.

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