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Bra Padding Wholesale

As a silicone bra inserts manufacturer, Xinke ensures affordability without compromising on the bra inserts quality. Our Bra pads are designed to enhance all figures from small to plus size, adding extra comfort and confidence. Get the perfect style, support, and a seamless look with our wholesale bra pads. Ideal for businesses seeking to elevate their bra padding line.

Popular Bra Insert Designs

Discover a wide range of bra pads that are popular among consumers for your lingerie business, such as chicken fillet bra inserts, sticky bra inserts and silicone push up pads.

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Customize Bra Inserts in Details

Explore Xinke’s innovations for tailor-made nipple cover inserts and enhance your underwear line.

Size & Shape of bra pads

Size & Shape

Our customization service extends to diverse removable bra pad shapes and sizes, catering for a wide spectrum of body sizes and fitting requirements, such as small, medium, large, extra-large, or even plus sizes.

No matter if you’re looking for a more full look with round bra inserts, chicken fillets or a natural look with teardrop-shaped ones, our services ensure styles to match your business needs.

Various natural color tones of bra pads

Color & Materials

From sultry blacks to passionate reds and soft shades of beige or white, color customizations are effortless with Xinke. We enable businesses to match inserts with their bra color lines or design collections seamlessly, ensuring the final product blends beautifully with the broader aesthetic.

As for materials, you can enjoy a wide array of options, such as silicone, foam, or fabric-lined inserts for the sensual touch, catering to every need that your consumer may demand.

various thickness of bra pads


Recognizing that thickness plays a vital role in the comfort and fit of bra inserts, Xinke designers are at your disposal to help you specify the desired thickness, ensuring the perfect balance between comfort and support for your customers.
package design of nipple pasties

Package Design

With advanced machinery and a wide network of suppliers, Xinke empowers you to nipple cover package with complimentary, bespoke package designs with multiple options, amplifying your brand’s identity, starting from just 500 pieces.

101 Guide for Bra Pads Wholesale

How to use bra pads?

Step into the world of superior comfort and secure style with our adhesive bra pads, a fine blend of innovation and design for your innerwear solutions. Crafted for the discerning business, such as Lingerie Retailers, Apparel Manufacturers, and Fashion Designers, these breast enhancers are easy to use.

1. Identifying the Correct Position: Find the lower portion of the bra cup, this is where the pad will nestle. Xinke bra pads have an ergonomic design, perfect for a natural lift and complete support.

2. Inserting the Bra Pad: Open the bra pocket, if it exists, and slip in the Xinke bra pad. The thicker section should be facing downward for optimum lift. For bras without pockets, simply place it at the desired position and adjust accordingly.

3. Adjustments: Make sure the bra pad fits comfortably within the bra cup. At Xinke, we manufacture bra pads in assorted sizes to cater to varying bust sizes and bra styles.

4. Fixing the Pad: Each Xinke bra pad comes with a unique stick-on feature, so it stays put during the wear. This provides convenience without compromising the aesthetics.

5. Removal: To remove, gently peel off the pad from the bra. Xinke bra pads are designed for easy removal causing no damage to the bra fabric.

What are the different types of bra pads available for wholesale purchase?
  • Silicone Pads: An epitome of versatility, these magical discs simulate natural breast tissue, perfect for enhancing and shaping.
  • Foam Pads: Light as air, these pads offer sublime support and fullness, ideal for seamless contouring.
  • Gel Pads: Merge luxury and practicality with our cool, soothing gel pads, providing supreme augmentation while maintaining a featherlike feel.
  • Fabric-Covered Pads: Fashioned with exquisite fabric, these breathtaking pads add pleasant softness to your lingerie collection, promising unique style and uncompromised comfort. Experience a symphony of textures with our top-notch bra pad variants.
How can I choose the right bra pads for my retail store's inventory?

Choosing the right bra pads can revolutionize your retail store’s inventory, conversely boosting sales and customer satisfaction. Here are several things you should consider the following while selecting bra inserts and suppliers:

  • Diverse Sizes: Cater to women of varying sizes, offering adhesive nipple covers from small to larger cup sizes. Use size relevancy data to stock accordingly.
  • Varied Shapes: Modern women seek options. Equip your store with different shapes- round, triangle or teardrop shaped bra pads- guaranteeing customer apparel compatibility.
  • Premium Material: Offer bra pads made from skin-friendly, breathable materials like silicone or fabric. Highlight their comfort and reusable attributes.
  • Customer Preference: Evaluate your target customers’ needs. Upscale clientele might prefer invisible silicone pads, while a more comfort-driven demographic may favor soft fabric.
  • Health & Hygiene: Emphasize the health benefits of hypoallergenic, sweat-resistant bra pads. Prioritize hygiene, appealing to health-conscious consumers.
What are bra pads for?
  • Boost Feminine Appeal: Xinke bra pads embody the perfect secret weapon for ladies who desire to emphasize their feminine curves. By providing a fuller, shapely appearance, our bra pads effectively boost wearer’s appeal while enhancing their body confidence.
  • Ensure Comfort & Support: Ideal for women prioritizing comfort and support, Xinke’s bra pads feature soft, lightweight materials that ensures all-day comfort. They offer vital support, promoting posture and preventing sagging while accommodating a variety of bra styles.
  • Enhancing Natural Shape: Xinke Bra Pads are exceptional products designed to accentuate the natural contour, and provide a fuller bosom hence boosting women’s confidence. They are the perfect solution for business consumers supplying lingerie, bridal gowns, swimwear or performance wear who want to offer their customers a perfect fit.
What is the wholesale purchase procedure for Xinke’s bra padding?

Xinke streamlines its wholesale purchase process for client satisfaction and convenience. Once we confirm your requirements and finalize order details like padding type, size, and quantity, we initiate the production process.

We then inform you about the completion timeline and dispatch the product as per schedule. Our secure checkout process ensures a hassle-free transaction for our business clients.

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