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Strapless Bra Wholesale

Offering innovative designs, exceptional support, and a comfortable fit, Xinke meets the needs of the market. Our stick-on bras are perfect for any ensemble and crafted with detail-oriented precision, ensuring optimal lift. Join the wholesale revolution today with Xinke, where quality meets affordability.

Popular Fabric Adhesive Bra Designs

Explore a wide range of stick on backless and strapless bras that are popular among consumers for your lingerie business, such as push-ups, plunges, and plus sizes.

Why Choose Xinke Fabric Adhesive Bra

Xinke fabric adhesive strapless backless bra blends innovative design and efficient supply, offering unparalleled support and a seamless fit. Choose the Xinke bra for its exceptional quality, comfort, and durability. Invisible yet impressive!

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Made of safe 100% silicone, it passes through MSDS and CA65 without hazardous materials.

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Under proper washing and storage, adhesive bras can be reused 10–20 times.

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Silicone is soft, elastic, and fits better like a second skin, ensuring a skin-friendly wearing experience for your customers.

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The adhesive is long lasting, does not easily slip off, even in sweaty conditions, and can be washed.

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Customize Fabric Adhesive Bra

At Xinke, we are committed to providing a comprehensive fabric stick on bra customization service designed to cater to unique business needs. Our professional team is proficient in multi-faceted customization, ensuring functionality, style, and comfort coexist in our products.

Seamless Production Process for Fabric Adhesive Bra

From material to carefully package to preserve its quality and hygiene, Xinke got you covered to bring a premium bra and customer satisfaction.

Cutting Fabric

The selected fabric is precision-cut into specific patterns and shapes using computer-controlled cutting machines. The edges of the fabric pieces are often laser-cut to ensure a clean and smooth finish.

Applying Bio-Glue on Fabric

A vast layer of eco-friendly biological glue is meticulously applied to the fabric, ensuring gentle adhesion to the skin without causing irritation.

Baking the Surface

The bio-glued fabric undergoes a sophisticated baking phase to secure the adhesive, enforcing lasting durability even after multiple usages.

Molding Bra Shape

Through heat and pressure, this step ensures that the bra cups conform to the desired shape and maintain their structural integrity.

Covering a Film

A high-quality double-sided release film is then meticulously encased on the sticky side of the bra to maintain its stickiness until first use.

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How Are Strapless Bras Supposed to Fit?

Strapless bras are meant to fit snugly around your ribcage to provide support and stay in place without the need for straps. Here are some key points on how strapless bras are supposed to fit:

FAQ about Strapless & Backless Bra Wholesale

Are adhesive bra reusable?

Yes, adhesive bras are generally reusable as long as you take proper care of them. This typically involves washing them gently after each use, allowing them to air dry completely before storing them, and ensuring that their adhesive backing remains clean and free of debris. With proper care, adhesive bras can be reused multiple times.

Can you wear adhesive bra every day?

It is not recommended to wear adhesive bras every day, as they are not designed for long-term or everyday use. Adhesive bras can be uncomfortable for extended periods of time and may not provide enough support for daily wear. Additionally, wearing an adhesive bra every day can lead to skin irritation or sensitivity due to the adhesive backing. It is best to reserve adhesive bras for special occasions or outfits where traditional bras are not practical.

How to store adhesive bra?
  1. Store in the original packaging: If your adhesive bra came with a plastic case or protective lining, store it in its original packaging to help retain its shape and protect the adhesive backing.
  2. Avoid folding or wrinkling: Keep the adhesive bra flat and smooth when storing to prevent the adhesive backing from becoming misshapen or damaged. Avoid folding or wrinkling the bra to maintain its stickiness.
  3. Store in a cool, dry place: Avoid storing the adhesive bra in direct sunlight or in hot, humid environments, as this can weaken the adhesive backing. Keep it in a cool, dry place to help preserve its adhesive properties.
How long does a sticky bra last?

The lifespan of a sticky bra can vary depending on factors such as how well it is cared for, how often it is used, and the quality of the adhesive. Typically, a sticky bra can last for multiple uses, with some brands advertising that their bras can be reused up to 50 times or more.