Top 7 Nipple Covers Wholesale Manufacturers

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There are several compelling reasons to choose wholesale manufacturers when purchasing bulk nipple covers. One of the significant advantages is cost-effectiveness. Buying from these nipple cover manufacturers and factories often translates into substantial savings, allowing customers to purchase nipple covers at a fraction of the retail price. Another advantage is the extensive variety of options available. Wholesale manufacturers offer an array of nipple covers with different designs, materials, and features, ensuring that customers can find exactly what they need.

the logo of boob-eez
brown color nipple cover
source from boobeez
  • Foundation: 2008
  • Location: Miami, Florida, USA
  • Best Known for: Their main product is the award-winning Boob-eez Headlight Concealers, well-loved for its thin, seamless, and nearly invisible design.


Boob-eez is on a mission to promote self-confidence among women by offering high-quality breast petals in bulk. Their products are super thin, headlight hiders making them discreet and practical. A standout feature is their ‘wear and toss’ sticky bras, perfect for women on-the-go. Boob-eez’s silicone material is not just soft but also durable and can be washed and reused several times, giving it an edge over disposable options. Their nipple covers are also hypoallergenic, ensuring comfort for all skin types.

the logo of xinke
rabbit adhesive nipple cover
Source from Xinke
  • Foundation: 2009
  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Best Known for: They specialize in producing top-rated silicone nipple covers, sexy nipple pasties, disposable breast petals bulk


Xinke, a leading nipple pasties manufacturer from China, excels in custom and wholesale nipple pasties that guarantee comfort and the best fit. Their adhesive and waterproof nipple covers come in different shapes, offering plenty of options to customers. Xinke also provides customization services where the products can be tailored according to individual preferences and requirements. Their products are made of silicone which is skin-friendly, and designed with a focus on the comfort of the wearer.

the logo of B-six
silicone nipple cover in different color
Source from B-six
  • Foundation: 2002
  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Best Known for: B-Six offers a variety of adhesive nipple cover designs, best known for their Nippies Skin adhesive pasties.


B-six prides itself on creating innovative and top-quality breast shapers. The highlight of b-six’s offerings is the unique, adhesive sticker on their nipple covers that is heat-activated to ensure a secure fit throughout the day. Their innovative approach guarantees that you will not face any embarrassing fashion mishaps. In addition, these nipple stickers are available to wholesale in different skin tones, allowing for a more personalized and inclusive experience.

the logo of Pastease
heart shape nipple pasties
Source from Pastease
  • Foundation: 2002
  • Location: Nevada, United States.
  • Best Known Products: it is recognized for its unique, playful, and sometimes risqué designs. Some of the noteworthy collections include the Animal Print pasties, the Neon & Glow in the Dark pasties, and the Valentine’s Day pasties.


They offer a variety of fun and enticing sexy nipple cover designs, catching the attention of partygoers, festival attendees and fashion-loving individuals across the globe. Pastease designs are not just cute and trendy, but they provide the right coverage in a comfortable manner. They are waterproof, skin-friendly and come with special adhesive that is easy to apply and remove. Wholesale clients can bank on their efficient and timely delivery even for bulk orders. Importantly, they offer competitive price points ensuring a good resale value.

the logo of The Tapelab
round and flower shape nipple cover
Source from The Tape Lab
  • Foundation: 2019
  • Location: Australia
  • Best Known for: Best known for their innovative Booby Tape, they also offer nipple covers which are sweat-proof, hypoallergenic and available in multiple shades to fit every skin tone.


TheTapelab stands out with its innovative designs and premium quality silicone nipple covers. Known for their fashion-forward approach, they feature a wide range of nipple covers that are not only practical but stylish too. Their nipple covers are waterproof, providing ultimate protection. Lightweight and comfortable wearability sets them apart, as does their emphasis on using hypoallergenic materials, ensuring that their products are always skin-friendly.

the logo of Be Appeeling
nipple tassels
Source from Be appeeling
  • Foundation: 2020
  • Location: USA
  • Best Known for: They specially design seamless nipple covers with invisible edges that can be worn under any outfit.


Beappeeling is all about promoting body positivity. Their nipple covers are designed to make all women feel confident and comfortable in their skin. They feature an array of products in different varieties including smooth, lace, and sequins. To top it off, beappeeling has gone the extra mile to ensure their nipple covers are made from reusable, eco-friendly materials that last longer than typical ones in the market.

the logo of Bare-babe
brown color nipple cover
Source from Bare-bade
  • Foundation: 2010
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Best Known for: Bare-babe is famed for its vast range of nude pasties that blend seamlessly with all skin tones. The company’s Silicone Nipple Pasties and Reusable Pasties have been lauded for their eco-friendly nature, superior comfort, and attention to detailing.


Bare-babe is synonymous with premium quality and luxury when it comes to nipple pasties. Their selection ranges from simple, classy designs to glittery, bold pieces catering to a diverse clientele. They ensure their pasties are made from the finest materials, offering a smooth, comfortable fit. Their prompt customer service and reliable dispatch of wholesale orders make them a trusted partner for big and small retailers alike.

When searching for the best wholesale manufacturers of nipple covers, it is crucial to consider certain criteria to ensure you are getting the best deals. Here are the main points to keep in mind while selecting the ideal nipple cover wholesale manufacturer:

The foremost factor to consider is the quality of the nipple covers offered by the manufacturer. Ensure that they are made from high-quality materials such as silicone or adhesive-free fabric, providing a comfortable and secure fit for your customers.

Look for a manufacturer that offers a wide range of nipple cover styles and designs. This ensures that you can cater to diverse customer preferences and anticipate trending demands in the market.

Check if the manufacturer provides options for customization. The ability to have your brand logo, colors, or other specific details on the nipple covers can help build brand recognition and create a unique selling point for your business.

Compare the pricing options offered by different wholesale manufacturers. While it is essential to find competitive prices, also consider factors like bulk order discounts or flexible payment terms to ensure long-term profitability.

MOQs can vary among manufacturers, so be sure to find one that aligns with your business requirements. Look for a supplier that offers reasonable minimum order quantities to avoid excess inventory or dealing with restrictive quantities.

Research the reputation and reliability of the wholesale manufacturer before making a decision. Look for testimonials, reviews, or contact previous clients to gauge their satisfaction with the manufacturer’s product quality, promptness in delivery, and customer support.

Consider the manufacturer’s shipping policies and lead times. Ensure they can deliver products within your desired timeframe to meet your customers’ demands consistently.

By considering these criteria, you can confidently select the best nipple covers wholesale manufacturer that offers both high-quality products and attractive deals for your business.

Finding the perfect nipple covers wholesale manufacturers can be a game-changer in the world of intimate wear. The top 7 wholesale manufacturers discussed in this article offer a wide range of options, ensuring customers can find their ideal fit, style, and quality. From premium nipple covers to fashionable, comfortable, invisible, plus size, eco-friendly, and affordable options, these manufacturers cater to diverse preferences and needs.


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